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Sure Fire Signs She Wants You to Ask Her Out: Tips for Success on CougarLife in Palmerston
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Ok. So guys aren’t the most perceptive creatures on the planet.

Sometimes getting the attention of a hot single guy you want can be the most challenging of ordeals. It’s hard enough finding a decent guy in the Palmerston dating scene, but when you do run across someone who’s even remotely eligible and up to the job, he’s either too busy or oblivious to notice your signals. You could spray paint the message across his face and he’d probably still read it backwards.

I suppose you can’t blame them. After all, women can be extremely subtle and more complex in the way we communicate than men. We’re emotional weather satellites, reading the faintest vibrations and slightest changes of mood in every body twitch or glance the minute we enter a room. Guys prefer obvious, flashing signals that are unmistakable. If you’ve been scratching your head trying to figure out why he keeps ordering your homemade brownies but won’t ask you out, he’s probably just clueless in Palmerston North.

Guys, if you’re wondering why the waitress at your favorite coffee shop always has your favorite brew ready to go, with a beaming smile served on the side, you need to familiarize yourself with this list of sure fire tips that a woman is waiting for you to ask her out

You make her smile or laugh. A lot. I don’t mean she finds your quirky sense of humor amusing in a Queen of England way. I mean she needs to be resuscitated from excessive laughter every time you crack wise, even when everyone else in the room shrugs it off. Don’t take this the wrong way, but maybe you’re not the next host of Saturday Night Live. Maybe you’ve just got the buzzer on her funny bone.

She makes time for you. She might be busy for everyone else but somehow, she can make an exception when it comes to you. You’re dealing with a covert case of ‘Ask-me-out-initis’ if she goes out of her way to help you. If she’s willing to experience a little inconvenience to put a smile on your face, you might want to investigate a bit more on a coffee date.

She inquires about your family and personal interests. Nice, polite, civilized people ask about your well-being and even your family members all the time. But a woman who makes a point of remembering your neighbor’s niece’s birthday is probably interested in more than just small talk with you. If she opens conversations with you by asking about your hobby or recreational pursuits, she’s likely trying to initiate an opportunity to learn more about you because she enjoys watching you talk about something that excites you. Take it another step further and invite her to join you one day. She won’t refuse if she’s available.

She asks people who know you for information. If your friends are reporting that someone has been asking for information about you, your siblings, interests, background, don’t be surprised if her questions lead to a growing attraction.

She may withdraw when other females are in your presence. There are occasions when, as a female, subtlety and discretion are absolutely necessary to snagging your dream catch. Competing for his attention with other women can make you seem desperate or ‘catty’, which is the opposite of a good impression. It’s not easy to make your interest in a guy known when there are compelling reasons to keep your attraction from becoming an attraction. Of course, retreating in the company of other women sends the opposite signal to a guy that you’re not interested. It’s hard to argue that you want his attention when you make yourself scarce every time another woman enters the room.

She makes a point of including you. Whether it’s a housewarming or a barbeque, she asks you repeatedly to join the festivities, offers detailed directions and times, and even suggests alternative routes with less traffic. She might even start working out your schedule for you when you attempt to explain that you’re not sure, and she never hesitates to ask you about your plans every day until the scheduled date arrives. That’s a woman who wants you to ask her out. The homemade brownies were just an appetizer to a much more elaborately planned main course.

She initiates physical contact. Slight caresses of your shoulder or chest. Close brushes and a fondness for physical proximity are tell-tale signs of a woman positioning herself for optimum matchmaking potential. Physical cues can be the most subtle, but they are gentle ways of expressing her fondness for you. If she doesn’t smother you or make you feel uncomfortable with overt shows of affection in places you consider inappropriate, don’t brush these signals off as mere accidents. If a woman in your circle makes a habit of getting in your personal space, consider yourself a lucky guy and ask her out!

If you’re a cougar in Palmerston North, and you’ve got your eye on someone who just doesn’t seem to get it, send him this advice! You’ll find more great dating tips for cougars and hot single men in the Palmy area by visiting: Cougar Life.

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