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Online Webcam Chat Rooms: Do New Zealand Men Cheat More Than Women?
web camWhy Women Cheat More Than Men

I’ve seen my fair share of online webcam chat rooms. My friend told me about them five years ago or so, and ever since I’ve used webcam sites for online cheating of any kind. Over these five years I’ve witnessed a lot of women cheating, and a lot of men cheating. I know lot’s of people think men cheat more than women, but from my experience that is not true. Although I haven’t been keeping a tab of how many women cheating and men cheating I see, I can say with confidence that New Zealand women cheating is more common than New Zealand men cheating.

I’m thinking this because of what I have seen; but also because of what people presume. People tend to presume that online cheating is for men only. The story goes that webcam chat rooms are filled with married men who are looking to meet single women, and single women know this so they sign up to online cheating webcam sites. The logic goes that men just have their pick of single ladies to cheat with, and in that way they are not getting stuck in something too risky. If only one person on the webcam is cheating then it’s not so bad, right?

Here are some reasons why I think that women cheating in New Zealand is more common than men cheating in New Zealand.

Women Cheating

Think of all the surprising reasons why a woman would want to cheat. There are at least 3 that I can think of.

Women Cheating Because Of Loneliness

Married women go through a lot with their husbands. They commit to them from an early age and maybe even have kids with them. Then, as the marriage develops, usually they grow farther apart from their husband. Usually it’s no fault of their own – they need to take care of the home. If they have kids, for example, then they need to feed them and make sure everything is going well as they grow up. The thing is, married women get really lonely with all the afternoons spent at home alone. Webcam chat rooms are the perfect remedy for this, as long she stays discreet and no one in the home finds out. Loneliness is the most obvious reason I can think of for women cheating in New Zealand. It’s not that their husband has been rude or anything. It’s just that they have grown apart, and her loneliness leads her to webcams, which mean she can basically have dates with a man from her own living room.

Women Cheating From Lack Of Respect

Webcam chat rooms are great for this problem too: the problem of respect in a marriage. Respect means that a man is there to support his wife and try to see the world through her eyes. It means sacrificing and putting extra time into the relationship when before he did not have to. Lot’s of men are emotionally shallow however, so this is hard for them. In fact, it’s hard for men to respect women sometimes, even their wives. That does not mean they are off having an affair with some other woman. It means they are too busy with their own lives and emotionally unprepared to respect their own wives.

I have a few friends here in New Zealand that got fed up with their husband not giving them any respect. Do you know what they did? They found a webcam site and got into some online cheating. It was a pretty smooth transition for them, and it really helped them feel better about themselves. Nothing is worse than being told you are not doing well enough, that you are not smart enough or making enough money. With online dating you don’t need to hear all that stuff, and lot’s of women probably get fed up with their annoying husbands. Using web cam chat rooms to meet men cheating is a great way for women cheating to feel better about themselves. Again, they just need to find a man who looks intriguing, and they go with it. If they wanted something serious they would break up with their husbands. Usually, from my experience, they just need to meet a couple other men to help relieve their anger with their husbands.

Online Cheating

So these are the main reasons I can think of for women cheating to be so popular in New Zealand. If you check out the web cam chat rooms that I frequent you would agree with me: women cheating in New Zealand is more popular than men cheating. Why not take this bit of knowledge and apply it to yourself? See what the options are out there, but always remember that they are probably running from an unhappy marriage, so just try to be funny.

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