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5 Topics You Should Never Discuss On Your First Date (Like Adult Cam Site Reviews!)
dating topicsHow To Stay Smooth On A Date

I’ve had a hard time over the years figuring out what to say and what not say on a first date. I know there are tons of dating tips out there to help move a date along and increase the likelihood of casual sex on the first date. I’ve looked over a few of these dating tips, and I think some of them are helpful. I think, however, that the best tool I’ve ever used to get casual sex is adult cam sites that allow for video chats between interested singles. Video cam sites mean that you can get all the awkward questions out of the way before you actually go on a date – which makes your first date that much better! If you are interested in online dating, and specifically adult cam sites for online dating , then I highly recommend checking out for their reviews of adult cam sites.

Online Dating Tips

But let’s say you just met someone from online dating and you are about to go on a date. Are you going to know what to say? Do you know that there are a lot of things you should not say if you want to get casual sex? From my experience, there are at least 5 major topics that you should never discuss on the first date. Let me explain what they are.

Dating Tips

Dating Tip 1: Don’t Ask About Her Past

Do you really want to know how many men she has slept with? Is it going to lead to exciting conversation if you ask her who broke her heart, and how he did it? Would you want to be asked about your past? You gotta answer NO to all these hypothetical questions if you want to succeed on the first date. It’s simple: don’t ask about her past. If you do then you are asking for a whole lot of emotional baggage that will take her mind off of you and back on to other men in her past. The first date should be all about getting to know each other: what kind of hobbies she is into, what her work life is like, who her good friends are, and just trying to get along without any hitches. Asking about her past would bring a hitch right away, and you can imagine that anyone you are meeting from online dating is going to have a long history.

Dating Tip 2: Don’t Mention Your First Impression

Usually first impressions are not positive – so don’t mention it. A first impression can often come across in a really negative way because you simply don’t know the person and where they are coming from. This is especially true as an online dating tip: don’t jump to conclusions and judge before asking!

Dating Tip 3: Don’t Mention Her Weight

Talk about anything other than her weight. Inviting commentary on her weight is like her asking you why you can’t set up your own home sound system. It’s a deeply personal issue that you have not right discussing on a first date, let alone at all, unless she only invites you to offer your opinion. It also shows that you are superficial person that judges before he knows from experience. Even if you think that being thin is the most important feature of an attractive lady, and your date turns up looking a little chubbier than it seemed online, you have an obligation out of courtesy to remain silent on the weight issue. Chances are she will impress you with her sense of humour and the weight thing will fall away real quick.

Dating Tip 4: Don’t Talk About The Weather

Talking about the weather is a sign that the conversation thread died half an hour ago. You may as well just call off the date and head home, because talking about the weather on a first date means you do not find her interesting at all. Why not talk about your future plans instead? That’s something she can get behind.

Dating Tip 5: Don’t Talk About Yourself All The Time

When people get nervous they tend to talk about themselves a lot. Don’t let that happen. Instead, focus the conversation on what she is doing, things that she likes. Getting stuck talking about yourself might be okay for a little bit, but make sure to monitor what you talk about and keep a really mixed ratio of topics that includes you, rather than dominated by you. Women do not usually like self-centered men, and especially if you want casual sex, my final dating tip is: let her lead a fair share of the conversations, and you will go home together at the end of the night.

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