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Guys Need to Learn How to Please a Woman

Before I get too far into this guide, I want every guy who is reading this article to take a look at this Guide on Pleasing Women before reading any further. There are too many guys out there who have no idea what a woman wants, or how to give it to them. I can’t even begin to count the amount of times that I have had guys come up to me with terrible pick up lines, cocky attitudes, or just plain aggressive in their approach. Particularly with online dating, there are so many guys who think that a snapshot of their junk and one sentence is going to get every girl drooling over them. News flash! This does not work. If I open a message from a guy and it is clear that he put zero effort into writing it, the message will go straight into the trash. If you are a guy and want to meet single women, then you should know that confidence is key, and even if it is cheesy, there are pick up lines that work. What it really takes to please a woman is to give her some positive attention and make her feel special. This isn’t that hard and if you have a sense of humor it can really help you out as a guy trying to meet single women.

pick up lines that workConfidence is Key if You Want to Learn to Flirt

The Magic Trick to Please a Woman

When it comes to pleasing a woman, there is one factor that men should always keep in mind. This is not voodoo or magic tricks, but it is about how you carry yourself and present yourself upon flirtation. Confidence is key, whether it is in the online dating scene, or if you are just out at the bar trying to meet single women. This does not mean that you need to be cocky or arrogant, but it means that you should be self-assured and have a positive mentality. When you believe in yourself, other people will believe in you as well, and this can go very far in the online dating world. There are many types of guys out there, but the successful ones all share something in common, and that is a confident attitude. Women are attracted to confident guys and this means that if you can manifest confidence within yourself, women will notice and be drawn to you. Of course, this does not mean that being confident is all you need to do to please a woman, but it will help you be successful in taking the next steps to meet single women. With confidence, it will be much easier to say the right things and pull off the right moves that could potentially impress a woman enough to get her really interested in you.

There Are Pick Up Lines that Work

There is no pick up line in the world that will guarantee you can meet single women with success. However, if you are confident, and choose your words wisely, then you can stand a pretty good chance at taking those first steps into a conversation with a woman. Pick up lines that work are ones that are good for breaking the ice. This is their essential function, and guys should not believe that it is a set of magic words that will help them get into a woman’s pants. A pick up line is the key to the doorway of a conversation, and within that conversation is really where you will make your impression on a lady. The pick up line is only a way to start things off, but remember first impressions are important. If you are going to say something, try to be creative and maybe a little funny. This is a chance to showcase your humor, because we all know how cheesy pick up lines can be, but this does not mean we don’t like to hear them. A play on words or a clever pun might be enough to get a woman to smile, and that will be your cue to strike up a conversation. What you say after your introduction is just as important as your first words, so keep up the chit chat and let her know how you feel. This will help you present yourself and your intentions, and if she is interested, she will likely reciprocate within the conversation. Just remember, confidence is key, so believe in yourself and have a little fun with the next lady that you meet.

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