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5 Easy Online Ways to Shag your Perfect Partner

So, you are looking online to cop a root with the perfect sexy man but need a bit of advice on how to start.You have come to the right girl. Casual encounters happen to be my specialty. I have no interest in the messy drama that always comes with a full blown relationship. In fact, that word “relationship” simply gives me the willies! All I want is the perfect sexual partner with no strings attached. Someone who is as interested in pleasing me as I am him. So, let’s get started and shag that handsome hunk of man!

sexy man to shagsexy man to shag

Best Tips for Finding the Perfect Casual Encounter Online

My first piece of dating advice is to decide what EXACTLY you are looking for in this casual encounter. Yes, obviously it is sex but that entails so much more. Dig deeper! What does your perfect sexual partner look like? Do you fancy blonde hair with blue eyes or is he a gorgeous dark skinned man with an impeccable six pack? Not to be crass, but is his penis thick and huge, circumcised or not. What other physical characteristics do you envision in your sexual fantasies? There are many men, of different backgrounds, sizes and shapes who would love to keep things casual and indulge your sexual needs. It all makes the world of difference because you want as close to your idea of perfection as possible. Go on to numerous dating sites and start looking over those profile pics. Do not limit yourself to one or two guys. Grab a handful. This was step one, onto the next

Step two is easy, now it is time to read their bios for any red flags, like “looking for the love of my life” or “marriage” or “long term commitment minded.” Oh no, not what you’re looking for honey. You are looking for yummy hot sex not a white picket fence and four whining babies. Once you meet him, it is imperative that you remind him that this is for physical enjoyment only. You are not looking for a “happily ever after.” You have no personal connection, only a shared sexual encounter. Think of it as an affair without the hassle of a wife being duped.

Step three is know what you want from him sexually. What exactly turns you on? If you are open-minded, there may be a whole world of possibilities yet to discover. Do a bit of research on the less orthodox practices. Great sexual encounters often offer an element of surprise. Consider allowing yourself to experiment with something new and exciting. Possibly role playing or sex toys would light your fire. A vibrator is not always meant for the lonely single vagina. Remember this wise tip: you are in control of your own orgasms. This is done by knowing what you want.

Step four is contacting your perspective sex god. You respond to his online bio and express your interest. Be very clear what you are looking for. There is no point wasting time with actual introductions if he is not interested in a mutual casual hook-up. If he is a dog or a perv, give him the boot and move on to the next guy. Speaking of pervs, it probably isn’t a bad idea to keep the initial communication either online or through texts. It is important to consider safety and this will give you an intuitive sense as to his overall demeanor. This would also be a good opportunity to experiment with a bit of video or phone sex. If he can make you cum through electronic means, you know your are on the right track.

The last step to fulfilling your quest for finding awesome sex partners is right around the bend.
You have given this a lot of thought and you are finally meeting up. My final nugget of wisdom is communication. Know how you want this to go down and share that with your partner. If foreplay is your thing, by god, let him know! If you are curious about something you have never tried, talk about it and when you feel comfortable, give it a whirl. Go shopping together for porn or kinky sex toys. The possibilities are endless. If you haven’t already done this, clearly express your desires. In other words, don’t censor what you are truly looking for. This is the forum that gives you total freedom to be selfish with your sexual desires and fantasies. There is no need to be coy. It is counterproductive to be bashful.The only mindset here should be self-indulgence, and for a change, it is okay to be so! How lucky we are in this day and age that we are able to practically place an online order to appease our exact sexual appetite. It is almost as easy as Chinese takeout. And the menu of men is equally as extensive. Finally, and most importantly, have fun!

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