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How to Know if they are Not Cheating

In Swansea, the case of infidelity is the same as everywhere else in the world: some people cheat, and some don’t. There are many statistics that gauge global levels of cheating, but I happen to think that the number is split down the middle: half the people in the world are faithful partners, while the other half resort to cheating in some way, shape, or form. When it comes to suspicions of cheating, it can be very easy for you to fall into a state of paranoia, not knowing for sure whether your partner is faithful or not. Thankfully, I can offer you a few indicators that generally are signs that they are not cheating, in which case you won’t have anything to worry about.

Look for Obvious Signs They Are Not Having an Affair

There are obvious signs that a person is having an affair, while there are also obvious signs that they are completely faithful to you. In either case, it’s important to keep your perception sharp and look out for the signs that are most obvious to you. No one knows your partner as well as you do, after all, so you’ll be the first to notice if anything is strange with them.

They Are Always Around

The first and most obvious sign that someone is not cheating on you is the fact that they are always around you. If they are within your vicinity at nearly all hours of the day, there’s simply no space or time for them to be cheating on you, so you don’t really have anything to worry about. In one of my past relationships, I was with a great woman who I happened to work with. She was sitting in the cubicle right next to me day in and day out. In the morning, we would go to work together, and at night, we came home together. We all had the same friends, so we always went out together as well. We eventually had to end that relationship because we were beginning to lost touch with our sense of selves, but at least we both find comfort in knowing that neither of us cheated on the other throughout the duration of the relationship.

They Seem Loving and Connected to You

If your partner is behaving in the loving and connected ways that you expect from her, then chances are that you really have nothing to worry about. Normally, when people cheat, they start to act suspiciously and they begin to distance themselves from their partner. If your relationship is free from strange distance and illicit activity, then you are probably in a healthy, faithful relationship.

Their Sex Drive is High

This is the third sign of a faithful partner, and it’s the ultimate indicator. If your lover’s sex drive is as high as it always was, then you just might be in the clear. When people cheat, all of their sexual energy is expended on the person they’re having an affair with, so they are effectively drained when it comes time to bring their sexual stuff to the table with their partners. If you are engaged in a healthy sexual relationship with the person you love, chances are that they are probably not cheating on you.

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